Get ready to do the most effective calf raises you’ve ever done. Not only do these tall calf raise blocks allow you to stretch your calves to the max at the bottom of the movement, you can also place your feet at a natural angle, as opposed to forcing your toes to point straight ahead the way you have to with a standard calf raise block.

Having 2 small blocks (one for each foot) also means these calf raise blocks are easy to store away and easy to fit in your gym bag so you can train with them anywhere.

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Train Your Calves Through A Full Range Of Motion

These calf raise blocks are tall enough to help you get a full stretch in your calves (yet not so tall that you keep falling off).

A full stretch means you work those calves through a full range of motion, which means bigger calves, more strength, and more functional development in your legs.

They're just high enough so your heels can touch the floor, but when they do your calves are at full stretch.

Special Non-Slip Grip Material

Made of 100% cork, which doesn’t slide around on the floor.

Whether you use them on carpet, wooden flooring, good old fashioned lino, or kitchen tiles, these blocks will stay put while you blast away at those calves.

These babies are non-stick and tough so you can use them on any surface

Place Your Feet As Far Apart As You Like

2 separate SHORT blocks instead of a single LONG block, means you can place your feet anywhere, with toes pointing in, out or straight ahead.

Place your feet as wide apart or as close together as you like
And you can point your toes out or in, however you feel comfortable. No need to force your toes to point forwards as you do with a standard single long calf raise block.

The Right Level Of Firmness For Your Feet

Doesn’t sink like foam (ensuring an effective calf workout), yet not as hard as wood (ensuring 100% comfort when going at it barefoot).

Cork is softer than standard wood, so it feels comfortable under your feet, but not so soft that it sinks in during the exercise

Naturally Anti-Microbial

No need to worry about germs building up on your blocks (cork is also hypoallergenic, water resistant, and ultra sustainable).

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